Monday, July 30, 2007

Nearly August huh?

So what did happen to the last 6 months? A lot of business building. It has been effective, but sadly it hasn't paid much yet... I guess that's how it goes. Crash has just got back from 2 weeks OS on our first real project, which thankfully was successful.

Oh yeah, and a touch of pregnancy. 23 weeks now. And what fun it has been. We are still "persons of interest" for a geneticist since we have discovered I carry a chromosomal mutation which the baby has inherited. It seems unlikely that it has any significant consequences (I'm still waiting on what my super power is), but it seems it is sufficiently strange to keep the interest of a geneticist who is still taking blood and testing stuff. According to all current theories it is a girl. Oh, and it must weigh about 6kg already because I have put on about 8kg despite my best efforts to eat sensibly and exercise (I have been walking and going to Pump classes!).

This week the dishwasher died (while Crash was away - just crushed my spirit really), I locked myself out of the house requiring my sister to wake the 2yr old up and drive from Ingleburn in order to pick up the 4 yr old from preschool and rescue me.... and then just to make the law of threes, Crash cut his hand open last night (after returning the day before) and needed 4 stitches... Oh yeah, and baby sitter was sick today.... sheesh.