Saturday, September 03, 2011

An invitation to National Parliament

I'm training to be a high school teacher, and my prac timetable at the moment includes that most infamous of beasts, year 9 last period Friday. In any given lesson I'll need to tell people to sit down a dozen times, break up two or three play fights that have crossed the line, remind people to do something resembling work several dozen times and repeat myself ad nauseam to elicit any kind of common courtesy and respect.

I would like to invite our national representatives to visit my year 9 class last period Friday, as I believe they could learn a lot from them. For all their notoriety, year 9 last period Friday are more civilised, more on task, more respectful and more productive than our politicians are right now.

So please, honourable representatives, drop by. I believe that one day you could aspire to the lofty heights of year 9 last period Friday.


PS Don't get me wrong, I actually really like my year 9s. They have personality, they can produce great work and be engaged and inspired. The last period Friday thing is an anomaly, and I don't think only students are implicated in its causes.