Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You have been warned.....

I'm tired of stupid people. I'm tired of politicians who can't see past the results of the focus group. I'm tired of a mainstream media so blatantly pushing its own agenda that gossip is passed off as news, and discussion of the gossip as analysis. I'm tired of CEOs interested only in their bonuses before they bugger off to destroy another company, or more employees' lives. I'm tired of shareholders who don't even know what the companies whose shares they hold do. I'm tired of people so afraid that their lives might alter in the smallest way, that they're sticking their fingers in their ears and refusing to address climate change. I'm tired of men who think women are inferior. I'm particularly tired of men who think women are inferior but claim constantly not to, and blame women for accusing them. I'm tired of people who can't see that we can't address the gap (choose your own gap, it doesn't matter which) without asking the people on the other side of that gap what they need, and then actually providing it - and not out of charity, but because my world is better when your world is better. I'm tired of people claiming to wanti to save the world, when what they really want is to make the whole world like them. I'm tired of money and power and the desire to be on the guest list dominating the governance of countries. I'm tired of victims being held to account for not reacting the right way, or not fleeing via the correct mode of transport, or wearing the wrong clothes. I'm tired of waiting for this mess to implode, needing it to implode and being terrified of what will happen when it does.

I'm not tired of people who are listening, and learning and still fucking up. I'm not tired of people who say terrible things without realising it, and then learn and stop. I'm not tired of people who take a while to do that. I'm not tired of people asking me to explain why what something someone said was terrible (at least not the first five times). I'm not tired of educating myself, although it's a never-ending task. And I'm not tired of my kids' incredulity when they discover another one of the things I am tired of. I'm not tired of the hope that brings.

But I'm really fucking tired of the dark. The solstice can't come soon enough.