Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update - Plan A

Last night Plan A resulted in bub sleeping by 9:25pm, which could be an improvement or random fluctuation. Also, she woke at 11:30pm and I spent 40 minutes putting her back to sleep before she woke again at 1:15am, at which point I fed her. I hope it isn't related. The previous nights had been quite sensible (one waking at 2am and 4am each night respectively).

We got Ben off to school, with only a little bit of pouting. Hopefully things will be a bit more cheerful this afternoon. The pictured smile was extracted by Dad attacking Charlie with the "the Craw".

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Endings and beginnings

Our long awaited holiday in the Hunter Valley is over, and it was great - if really exhausting. I was an utter mess for about 36hrs after we got home. But it was worth it. Good family time without heaps of pressure. And now my friends are acutely aware of all the bad habits my children have that don't actually bother us much, but get right up other people's noses. :)

And now we begin operation bedtime. It is time for Elissa to have a proper bedtime. At least I think it is. She may have other ideas. I am giving Plan A one week. If I see no progress in that time, I revert to Plan B. Plan A is bath with the boys around 7pm, last feed at 7:30pm and then to bed. Bedtime story, then roll on to tummy with dummy until sleep descends (while Twin Peaks soundtrack plays), then roll onto back - job done. Plan A took until 10pm the first two nights. Not exactly a raging success. So far I am unsure of Plan B, but I suspect it involves surrendering to settling in my arms, although I might give 10 minutes of crying a shot too. The story, on the other hand, is very popular. Laughs and giggles, it's all good.

And we also begin school tomorrow for the eldest. I still have much name writing to do tonight. It's very exciting for everyone.

But now, back to Plan A....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Which prejudice is strongest?

I was just looking at blue milk's blog, and reading an American woman's comments on the marginalisation of women in the US. It reminded me of the discussion I have had with a few people recently, about which prejudice will win out in the US elections.

Looking at the Democrat candidates, Hilary and Obama would have to be regarded as the strongest candidates on paper, but that means America has to elect either a woman or a black man. Tough call for the Democrats to choose. Or will they just cop out and go for the guy who speaks to dead people? Oh, that's right, it's just a similar name...

The really complicated part is that not only to you have to guess whether they'd hate to be governed by a woman more than a black man, you also have to guess which prejudice is more likely to drag people to the polls.

And then there is the Oprah factor. Will that be significant or not? She has never supported a candidate before. Will a great section of America's women folk get off the couch and vote because Oprah told them to?

I think I come down against Hilary. I reckon a woman is scarier than a black man to most Americans, especially the women. Combine this with the fact that she is very right wing for a democrat and she gets hit from both sides.

But I concede I am not confident in this call. Only time will tell, and maybe not even then if the Democrats go with the safe white man.

No good reason

I am without childcare today, since she is en route back from Melbourne (a popular place to be apparently). So I decided that a second day in a row at home was unwise, and ventured out with all three.

I needed to register the car (only 2 weeks overdue), so I dragged all of them into the RTA for a standard RTA experience. They were delightful. Patient, looking around, amusing themselves. Wow.

Then we went to Wiggle Play at Seven Hills. About half way through, Ben came up and asked for money. I asked what he wanted it for and was told "No good reason". Strangely enough I declined his request. :)

A good day all in all, kids were well behaved at every turn, ate sandwiches with no chips for lunch and didn't even ask. Ben even voluntarily shared his drink when Charlie's ran out. The only minor set back was that Charlie returned from his adventures sans socks. No idea where they went. Oh well, small price to pay for a good day out with 3 small people.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Which way did it go? Which way did it go?

A month since I have even looked at my blog. It's not that I haven't been blogging. I've been composing them almost daily, it's just the sitting down and typing I haven't quite managed. :)

I am currently typing one-handed with an angelic baby daughter just going off to sleep in my other arm. They are truly beautiful at times like this. Of course devil child will magically reappear within seconds should I attempt to put her down! But still, I have enough time just now for half an hour of cuddles, and these times are to be savoured.

Crash is en route home from an overnighter in Melbourne for the second time in a week. First trip coincided with bub's vaccination, and resulted in me getting no sound sleep at all, and aout 4 hours of kinda sorta sleep with a wriggly, unhappy baby next to me. Deep joy. This time was quite different though. I decided to give the boys my full attention at bath and bed time rather than failing to make any of them happy. So other than her actual bath, Elissa was left in her bassinet to scream herself silly during this part of the evening. (I did go in periodically so she knew she wasn't abandoned, but I don't think she was convinced.)

Anyway, when I finally took her downstairs to feed her, I put her down on her tummy for a moment while I went off to get a drink and otherwise prepare for 30 - 45 minutes on the couch, and by the time I got back she was asleep and stayed that way for an hour. When she finally woke up, she fed much better than usual at this time and then ... went to sleep in her bed and didn't wake up until 5am! If only that could be repeated! I can live with half an hour of full on screaming if it avoids 4 hours of squirming, whinging and general unhappiness.

So I was well rested enough today to deal with work. I was in the city and felt in complete control. I managed to resolve multiple issues all on the fly. It felt good. Ginny had bub in the pouch wandering around the city. I am so glad to know my useless, scatter-brained state is really only caused by lack of sleep and will go away once bub is settled.