Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's midnight, I'm drunk and the kids'll be up in 6 hours. I don't think I wanted to grow up. Mim, did you mean to grow up?

Do most people know what they want in life?

I've been reading some amazing bulshit about what philosophers have believed the self to be. It's mostly ridiculous. If you want a laugh, go look at Locke's account of personal identity. It's completelty insane. Unfortunately you may find strong resonances with our legal system...

Oh well, according to Locke, this isn't me anyway, because odds are i won't remember this in the morning....

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  1. LOL, I don't believe I was every consulted on the question of whether or not to grow up - clearly this is a serious deficiency in the whole process. As for knowing what one wants in life - not a clue! I'm to busy just surviving :P

    Actually there is one thing I want...I want tea...and seeing as it's my birthday I think I will require Adam to produce said tea pronto :)