Monday, January 01, 2007

This is serious mum

Well here it is, 1st of January and I'm forced to consider the year ahead. It's going to be interesting. As of tomorrow, neither of us will have a real job. A little scary. But definitely the right thing to do for him, me and us.

And so I am also forced to confront the fact that if I don't keep my life in order, family life could become rather disastrous. Which means:

1. House organisation. Stuff must be tidy and clean or we all go batty. To this end, I decided to spend 5 minutes sorting through a toy box and putting away stuff that is too young for both boys. The best laid plans... I discovered about 5 toys that could be archived and.... a pile of vomit and some other unmentionables at the bottom of the toy box and appropriately affected toys... Flylady didn't mention vomit in the brief...

2. Weight loss. Right before the silly season (which started about mid-November for me) I had reached 58kg. The goal is 55kg. Well that's the realistic goal, the fantasy goal is 50kg, but it may never happen. 58kg felt pretty good. I don't even know what I am now, tomorrow is the reality check, but it must be over 60kg. Not big numbers, but it seems to make so much difference to me. So I need to get it back down. Got a wedding to go to in early Feb, really want it back down at 58... So actual exercise is going to be a necessity. So is not eating cashews and chocolate every time I walk through the dining room or kitchen.

So here it goes, 2007 and a whole new life without IPC, an attempt to get rid of all the unwanted crap in our lives and an even more serious attempt to enjoy our life, see our friends and decide once and for all whether we are having another baby...

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