Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I have done recently:
  • Skipped belly dancing
  • Chosen not to go to the pub
  • Avoided answering my phone
  • Skipped the gym
  • Not read any blogs at all
  • Dropped Ben at school without going in to avoid other people
  • Mostly avoided Twitter
  • Cried. A lot.
I suspect this points to a less than fabulous state of mind. Right now, I seem to be waiting for my fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and make it all better. I suppose at some point I am going to have to take responsibility for myself and do something about it. But I have to take Ben to school, so that will have to wait.


  1. *more hugs* There really ought to be fairy godmothers, it would make life so much simpler. In lieu of that, does a venting session over either a pot of tea or a couple of beers sound good? And more to the point, is there space in our schedules that matches up? I'm free Saturday...

  2. The lack of fairy godmothers is proof positive that Intelligent Design is wrong.

    It does sound good, thanks. Were you planning on going to the marriage equality rally tomorrow?

  3. Poor you ... sounds like you need a bit of a rest ... x

  4. *hugs* take some time to yourself, if or when you can.

    I'm around, most of the time, if you want to chat, although I can't drink beer. You're welcome to though.

  5. Thanks. Part of my problem is that I'm not really feeling up to talking...

    The one positive thing is that I'm knitting furiously. I have only most of one sleeve and the decorative edging to go on a cardigan for Elissa. I'm hoping I'll be able to go to Mum's next week so I can get some assistance in sewing it all together.

  6. Sounds like the black dog snuffling around, which is not surprising, given your recent childcare woes, and the stress you are under. I'm doing some wandwaving over here.

    During my last serious encounter with stress and overwork and collapse (back in 2004, but the memory cuts deep), I did a lot of knitting. I found it very therapeutic.

  7. *hugs* I'm sorry, Ariane. I will be thinking of you.

    I found knitting very therapeutic last year myself.

  8. @Deborah - I think the black dog was sitting on my chest yesterday, but today it's back to lurking in the corner. I also think you're right that it's my life causing it. I'll either get out of it or need to get an Etsy store.... :)

    @Chally - Thanks - I have you to thank for the inspiration to start knitting too. :)

  9. Argh, sorry! For some reason my sub to comments didn't take, didn't realise you'd responded.

    I hadn't been planning on attending the rally but I probably could come in to it. Might depend on how Adam feels about me running off half-way through the day, we have a mountain of prep to do for the reenactment event at Easter. Maybe I could come in a bit later on and meet you after the rally - I'll call you in the morning.