Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Spend spend spend

Today must have been Catalogue Day. I have an inch high stack of paper advertising to throw in the recycling. I flicked through it all to make sure there was nothing at a good price that I was already intending to buy - there wasn't.

The DJs catalogues though - wow! Two of them, one of which was the size and quality of a mid to high range magazine! The big one was the fashion one - the little one was merely homewares. I looked through the fashion one - not one single item that I looked at and thought "Ooooh, I'd like that." A couple of things I thought "Maybe it'd look ok, depends on the cut". That's it. And then I got to the afterthought that is the men's section. What are they doing to those male models? They are all photographed as they are about to fall over. Not a single one looks like he's in a stable position. Oh, unless he has a woman draped on him.

I was also slightly amused at the excessively manly man stance of the dude in the cream coloured cable knit cardigan.

I'm not sure what the subliminal message is here - men are unstable until they have a woman to hold up and look after? Or just that no matter how expensive it is, a cream cardy is never going to make you look like a macho man?

I've got the better part of half a tree in my lounge room trying to sell me stuff I don't need, and in most cases, don't even want. Makes that big lump of land somewhere out of Sydney look even more attractive, just to hide from the constant demands for me to spend.

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