Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letters to Santa

It's the middle of October, the Aussie dollar is near as damnit to parity with the greenback, and it's seriously time to start thinking about Christmas.

This post was designed for my family, primarily - to write your letters to Santa in the comments section! But then I figured I may have some friends who could use some assistance in getting their letters to Santa delivered effectively, and what the hell, I'd love to know what everyone wants for Christmas! I'm opting for a huge list, that can't possibly be met, so that I'm not just providing a "buy me this" list. But if you have just one special thing you'd love to receive, put that in the comments too.

In the interests of eradicating boring gifts, write your Santa letters!

Things I'd like for Christmas, in no particular order
  • Outdoor speakers for the bathroom
  • One or two of my more beloved items of clothing copied by a dressmaker
  • Some jewelery that will go with pink-ish clothes
  • Babysitting
  • Funky & cool knitting patterns
  • Ceiling fans
  • Tablecloths that cover the whole dining room table, and preferably don't need ironing
  • Japanese dinner ware
  • Music - I may need to do some research on exactly what music I'd like.
That seems suitably ludicrously excessive. Now, what do you guys want? Family, I'm looking at you! But everyone, what's on your list this year, what would you like to receive? Or even, what do you seriously never want to unwrap again?


  1. I want collapsible chopsticks:

    I've been meaning to create a whole family wishlist page on my blog so I can make note of things when I see/think of them and not have to look blankly at people when they ask what various family members want as gifts.

  2. I have a half arsed attempt at the whole family list thing happening on my phone, not quite effectively enough.

    Thems chopsticks are pretty cool!