Wednesday, March 07, 2012

DUFC coming soon!

I'll be hosting the Down Under Feminists Carnival for April - showcasing posts from Aus/NZ feminist bloggers during March. I've just finished a secondary teaching degree, so I may show a slight bias towards education and young people-related submissions, but I won't go so far as to say it's the theme - if it's good, I'd love to include it!

The standard procedure to submit posts for the carnival is to submit them here. At the moment, however, Blog Carnival is refusing to let me register, so please email me your submissions as well, if it's not too much of a trauma - I'm not sure if/when the problem will be resolved. My email is ariane @

So, get reading and submitting! I'm not at all daunted by this task. Not at all. :)

UPDATE: Blog Carnival has allowed me to register, and the submission form is working again. So, have at it!


  1. Don't be daunted! Just make it so that it's comfortable for you. It doesn't have to be fifty billion posts long.

  2. Thanks Chally, I will be fine. I spend a good deal of my time outside my comfort zone. I'll get something over the line. :)