Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas is fun

Christmas Day Running Sheet

7:30am   Get meat out to come to room temp
               Unwrap presents

8:00am   Pre-heat oven & prepare pork roast

8:30am   Put pork in the oven - check every 20mins for crackling
               Put water on to boil for pudding
               Clean up after breakfast

9:00am   Start BBQ for turkey
               Put the pudding in to boil - check every 30mins for water level
               Make the glaze for the turkey
               Baste turkey ready for cooking
               Put rice on to cook for stuffing

9:30am   Put turkey on to cook - check every 20mins for consistent temp & basting
               Make the stuffing
               Clean the punch bowl

10:00am Peel & cut up potatoes, pumpkin, orange sweet potato, white sweet potato, purple sweet           potato & eschallots.

11:00am Start to put out nibbles

11:15am Put the potatoes in the oven
               Keep putting out nibbles

11:45am Put the pumpkin, sweet potatoes, eschallots & stuffing in the oven/BBQ.
               Set the table
               Mid-cooking clean up

12:00pm Check meats, get them out of the oven/BBQ and cover with foil to rest
               Finish setting the table.
               Make the punch

12:30pm Turn all the veg
               Put the water on for peas
               Start carving the ham

12:45pm Start carving hot meats
               Put the peas on
               Make the gravy
               Put the wine on the table

1:00pm Set out everything for people to serve themselves
             Serve smaller kids

1:30pm Get the pudding out of the pot & unwrap it
             Clear plates & set off dishwasher

1:45pm Unwrap presents with guests
              Sit & chat for a bit

3:30pm Organise & serve pudding
              Sit & chat for a bit

5:00pm Guests leave, start cleaning up.

9:45pm Put the last of the essential things in the fridge.
             Give up & head to bed

I didn't do all of this - there were a few things I wasn't even really involved in, and lots of people did lots of stuff. Crash did most of the BBQ work, and other people did stuff as they arrived. My sister and I work well together in the kitchen to pull the last of it together to serve, and she made the punch.

Tomorrow I'll find out what the kids got for Christmas, and help with all the things they wanted help with.

Next year I'm unwrapping the presents and then going back to bed. The family can eat the left overs from the Carols.


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