Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Writing round in circles

Worth comes from within 
Our value doesn't depend on the validation of others
We are social creatures
We don't even really exist without the validation of others. 
If I am worthless to the people around me
What's the point in me believing in my worth?
But, I hear you say, people get it wrong!
People fail to see the worth in others
And it's true
Not all kinds of worth are as easily seen
But that doesn't mean it isn't there
So we look within and try to build ourselves alone
Try to pretend we're self contained and don't need those flawed eyes to reflect ourselves back to us. 
Some people can do it. 
Some people build great towers of self worth and self belief. 
Their beauty shines out strong and folks all around come near to share it
Or folks get angry that they've found beauty and worth they couldn't see before
But either way they have defined themselves, and show the world they don't need it to tell them they matter
Some people can't do it. 
Some people tie themselves in knots, wondering if this is worth, or self delusion
They doubt they have any beauty to shine, and maybe they're right. 
Folks don't even see them. 
Because if they mattered they'd be able to show the world, like those others do.


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