Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are we there yet?

Another fortnight, another doctor's appointment. Today was classic obstetrician stuff, 50 minutes of waiting and approximately 3 minutes with the midwife and 2 minutes with the obs. Not even my obs, the substitute for when she is on holidays. He was, however, quite convinced that bub is head down, and claims that he has never seen a kick that has moved his heartbeat ultrasound thingy before. Call me crazy, but I reckon that's unlikely.

Just in case I had considered taking up Christianity and attending church regularly, Sunday's little effort has certainly ruled that out. Just getting there was a majorly stressful exercise, never mind the fact that Charlie started getting worked up the moment we stepped inside. And the aforementioned stress resulted in no toys being taken to distract him.

Ben had a ball. We could only hear him once or twice, so that was merciful. The minister also did a pretty good job of making an address that was appropriate for an audience of very mixed background.

So now we just have the Christmas concert to look forward to...

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