Wednesday, September 19, 2007


How any female who has ever done the pregnancy thing could subscribe to intelligent design I do not know. Never mind child birth itself, which was definitely designed by committee, probably an international one requiring translators, just getting there is badly designed enough! Constant nondescript discomfort, heartburn, more bodily fluids than can be itemised, back ache and shear exhaustion just make it all seem so much like the work of an intelligent, benevolent being.... NOT. And then people constantly asking me if I am well, to which I have to answer "yes" because none of this counts as actual unwellness. Does contribute very successfully to a shitty mood though. :)

Last week I went to the birth centre and after much poking and prodding the midwife announced she had no idea which way up the baby was, so that's encouraging. I was amused that she seemed to think I should know.

I also now appreciate further the fact that the baby gets the equivalent of foot long valium before labour starts, having felt the delightful combination of kicking squirming baby and strong contraction. And they're just braxton hicks....

On the plus side, the baby now has clean sheets for its bed, although I need to buy a new mattress for the bassinet, so there is nothing to put said sheets on.

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