Monday, December 03, 2007

From one controversy to another

At bedtime tonight, Ben asked why we vote. From religion to politics. I explained that we choose who runs the country, and that running the country involves building roads, running hospitals and schools and paying policemen. Apparently this is the stuff I think government does off the top of my head.

Ben wanted to know who the people are, he couldn't understand why we weren't voting for people we know. Although I did vote for David Shoebridge in the senate. I copped out at this point because I couldn't begin to explain how the list of people we choose from comes about.

Besides, I am tired beyond description. I spent about 6 hours working today, add about 5 hours feeding and I might have scraped in about 6 hours sleep. I'm not sure what I did with the other seven hours, although I suppose there must have been some bathing, dressing, eating (for me and the boys) and then there is the settling baby back to sleep. And my boobs hurt. Ok, whinge over. :)

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