Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lectures on Theology

My lessons in Christianity continued this afternoon. Ben informed me that he saw what God looked like. He then went on to add a whole new dimension to the immaculate conception.

Ben told me that God has white wings and a white dress and that she came down and found Mary. Yes, that's "she". She told Mary not to be afraid and that she would have a boy child. Joseph would be the father. Perhaps it wasn't so much an immaculate conception as a donor sperm arrangement?

It's hard to remember the name "Mary" when you are almost five, but that's ok, because you can just ask Mum who that person was that had a little lamb. I wonder if he has ever heard "Mary Mary quite contrary"?

Oh yes, and in case you thought he might have just confused God with an angel, not so. Angels, I am reliably informed, also have wings, but theirs are purple.

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