Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Oh, how sad, Mick Keelty (head of the Australian Federal Police) has resigned. Kev has paid tribute to him, he doesn't deserve it. I don't understand how that man sleeps at night.

Peter Faris QC has told ABC2 (lifted from the above link):
I think he's just waited for a reasonable time after the [Haneef] inquiry before resigning. My analysis of it was that he was the prime mover in it all and it went terribly terribly wrong as we all know and he should have accepted responsibility and resigned and he didn't.
For those not aware, Dr Haneef was accused of terrorism and deported. The sum total of the evidence was something along the lines of him having a brother who may or may not have been involved in dodgy dealings in the UK. Eventually the Dr Haneef's visa was reinstated and all the charges were dropped. It was a debacle.

However, for mine it paled into insignificance compared with the "Bali 9". A quick recap:
  • The father of one of the mules involved in smuggling heroin from Indonesia found out about his son's plans. He called the AFP in the hope that they would stop his son from going to Bali. He was told they would.
  • The AFP passed all the information given by the father to the Indonesian authorities and did not stop him boarding the plane.
  • Scott Rush and 8 others were arrested in Bali. All 9 faced the death penalty.
At this stage, I am still having trouble working out exactly where it all stands, but I think 6, including Scott Rush, are on death row. 2 others have been sentenced to life while 1 has been given 20 years.

The AFP is not supposed to cause anyone to face the death penalty. Mick Keelty put these young people in harm's way for no good reason. They are nobodies in the drug world, and authorities got no Big Guys out of this exercise. It is disgusting, and if any of those men die (and it seems certain that at least 2 will), their blood will be on his hands.

Good riddance Mick Keelty, this country deserves better than scum like you.

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  1. Let's hope his conscience got the better of him and at least speeded up his retirement A very heartless man.