Friday, February 05, 2010

Odds and ends

Dinner conversation:

Me: [To Elissa] See, when we ask nicely it makes everyone happier.

Elissa: [Nods (satisfyingly) enthusiastically]

Charlie: Yes, even me.


After asking Ben to remove his sheets so I can put clean ones on for much longer than I am prepared to admit in public, he chose tonight to finally do it. Tonight, after the shittest day I've had in ages, when I'm completely exhausted and pissed off, he decides to take the sheets off and I have to change his sheets and Charlie's.


Elissa is 95% toilet trained. She's wearing undies every day, just having some issues working out when those poos are actually coming - we either spend 45 minutes on and off the toilet waiting for it, or there's half an accident which finishes in the toilet. She's definitely trying - we tend to get a day of each, as she tries to get it right. We've also had 4 dry night time nappies.


Charlie made this train at pre-school today. For some reason I am quite taken with it. Possibly because it is more obviously a steam train than anything I could make. Besides, if I blog it, I'll feel less guilty when it ends up in the recycling bin.


  1. I used to tell David to photograph his various constructions (lego, blocks, etc) so he'd be willing to dismantle and put them away. Worked a treat.

  2. I always feel guilty about throwing the artwork away. I forgot about Mim's suggestion... I have read that you could take pics and document the artwork that way... to ease the guilt factor, of course.

    It is a very nice train indeed!