Monday, February 22, 2010

The Power of Television

Charlie has worn glasses since he was 14 months old. Just recently he's started objecting to wearing them - not violently, just whinging occasionally. Since I have enough battlegrounds with Charlie at the moment, I've not been making a big deal of him wearing them at home.

He was watching a cartoon with a character with glasses today, and suddenly jumped up and announced he was going upstairs to get his glasses.

Is there anything TV can't do?


  1. It can be very powerful (gulp - good and bad)! Fabulous results this time!

  2. I remember when I had to wear glasses as a kid. I was teased so much that one day at school I got up and threw them out the classroom window. I wish I had a stronger character back then to put up with all the teasing.

  3. I buried mine in the garden, but only after spending a great deal of time ascertaining that I really could see better without them.

    But so far there hasn't been any issue with teasing with the glasses - it's been more of an inconvenience. They are a pain when he's jumping and running around and that sort of thing.

    Hopefully this is because kids have come up with other things to tease each other about, but I think it's mostly because his pre-school is ruled with iron fist. In a good way. :)