Saturday, January 29, 2011

The great 2011 clean out continues

We started to clean out the attic in earnest today. For the last 8 years or so, half of it has been used as an office, and the other half has had a sofa bed and all our equipment (spare and test gear) in it. The other half now has to become a bedroom, so the transformation required is fairly substantial, and it is definitely not completed yet.

I started with the paper. All the manuals, training documents, catalogues, magazines and empty boxes got sorted and tossed. I have often claimed that my house breeds paper and cardboard. I dunno, what do you reckon?

Paper purge 1

Paper purge 2

Nearly all of that came out of the attic, and it all came out of our house.


  1. I looked all that and thought you must really feeling the burn in your thighs about now.
    Why buy a stairmaster when you can clean out your attic...

  2. Well, they would be, but since Sophie is the person who needs the room, she did most of the carrying down the stairs. :)

    I did end up pretty sore at the end of the day though. I still managed to do a fair bit of lift and carry.

  3. The spring clean - it is never easy and always confronting!

    Best Wishes,