Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The year so far

Four days in is an appropriate time for a review, yes? This energy thing may actually succeed, if it doesn't kill me first. The New Year got off to a less than energetic start, with a sleep in until 10:30am (made possible by my superhero friend, Cate, who kid wrangled while we slept). However, once I was up, I looked at the Christmas tree, and figured now was the time. It took the entire afternoon to pull the tree down and pack up the decorations, but it's done.

On the 2nd, I made myself an underskirt to turn my cocktail frock into a formal frock for a wedding we're going to on Thursday (in Singapore!). This is particularly energetic given that a) I can't sew, b) I had no pattern and c) I completely ignored all the advice my mother had given me (she can sew, very well in fact). It came out exactly as I wanted, which is a massive surprise to me. I'm pretty sure it's exactly what my mother wasn't envisioning, which is why I ignored her advice. If someone could invent an imagination projector, I'd be most grateful.

On the 3rd, I got up at 6:30am and went for a walk. I've agreed with Crash that we'll take it in turns to get up in the mornings and walk, so neither of us feels obliged every day. I thoroughly enjoyed the early morning air and the music in my headphones. Later, I shopped for swimwear, with only marginal success, but even trying is a triumph for my "energy" theme.

Today I got up at 7:30am without a specific requirement to do so, and we took the kids to the swimming pool. Instead of floating in the water, I climbed all over the play equipment and went down the waterslides with Elissa about 20 gazillion times. I had so much fun it was disgusting. I also discovered exactly why the boardies I'd bought weren't quite worth the $5 I'd paid for them - the slightest pressure makes the button pop undone - and if the things were any looser at standing, they'd fall down. Very dodgy design. I'll keep looking for some elasticised ones to replace them.

I kept up the pace and went shoe shopping (which I hate almost as much as swimwear shopping) and bought myself a new pair of work suitable Skechers for $55. Very tidy.

I've had fun, I've surprised myself, I've achieved a lot - so far so good. Well, except for the fact that I've pulled muscles in my shoulders from pulling the tree apart, my back's dodgy from most of a day sat at a sewing machine and my eyes hurt from the chlorine. If it doesn't kill me, this could be a fabulously improved way to live my life.


  1. Go you! No good on the dodgy body parts though, hope they toe the line soon!

  2. I'm working on the theory that it'll have to put up or shut up. :)