Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Endings and beginnings

Our long awaited holiday in the Hunter Valley is over, and it was great - if really exhausting. I was an utter mess for about 36hrs after we got home. But it was worth it. Good family time without heaps of pressure. And now my friends are acutely aware of all the bad habits my children have that don't actually bother us much, but get right up other people's noses. :)

And now we begin operation bedtime. It is time for Elissa to have a proper bedtime. At least I think it is. She may have other ideas. I am giving Plan A one week. If I see no progress in that time, I revert to Plan B. Plan A is bath with the boys around 7pm, last feed at 7:30pm and then to bed. Bedtime story, then roll on to tummy with dummy until sleep descends (while Twin Peaks soundtrack plays), then roll onto back - job done. Plan A took until 10pm the first two nights. Not exactly a raging success. So far I am unsure of Plan B, but I suspect it involves surrendering to settling in my arms, although I might give 10 minutes of crying a shot too. The story, on the other hand, is very popular. Laughs and giggles, it's all good.

And we also begin school tomorrow for the eldest. I still have much name writing to do tonight. It's very exciting for everyone.

But now, back to Plan A....

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