Monday, January 14, 2008

No good reason

I am without childcare today, since she is en route back from Melbourne (a popular place to be apparently). So I decided that a second day in a row at home was unwise, and ventured out with all three.

I needed to register the car (only 2 weeks overdue), so I dragged all of them into the RTA for a standard RTA experience. They were delightful. Patient, looking around, amusing themselves. Wow.

Then we went to Wiggle Play at Seven Hills. About half way through, Ben came up and asked for money. I asked what he wanted it for and was told "No good reason". Strangely enough I declined his request. :)

A good day all in all, kids were well behaved at every turn, ate sandwiches with no chips for lunch and didn't even ask. Ben even voluntarily shared his drink when Charlie's ran out. The only minor set back was that Charlie returned from his adventures sans socks. No idea where they went. Oh well, small price to pay for a good day out with 3 small people.

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