Monday, January 14, 2008

Which prejudice is strongest?

I was just looking at blue milk's blog, and reading an American woman's comments on the marginalisation of women in the US. It reminded me of the discussion I have had with a few people recently, about which prejudice will win out in the US elections.

Looking at the Democrat candidates, Hilary and Obama would have to be regarded as the strongest candidates on paper, but that means America has to elect either a woman or a black man. Tough call for the Democrats to choose. Or will they just cop out and go for the guy who speaks to dead people? Oh, that's right, it's just a similar name...

The really complicated part is that not only to you have to guess whether they'd hate to be governed by a woman more than a black man, you also have to guess which prejudice is more likely to drag people to the polls.

And then there is the Oprah factor. Will that be significant or not? She has never supported a candidate before. Will a great section of America's women folk get off the couch and vote because Oprah told them to?

I think I come down against Hilary. I reckon a woman is scarier than a black man to most Americans, especially the women. Combine this with the fact that she is very right wing for a democrat and she gets hit from both sides.

But I concede I am not confident in this call. Only time will tell, and maybe not even then if the Democrats go with the safe white man.

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