Friday, February 29, 2008

Dropping like flies

Ben is finally recovering today. He had to go to school yesterday because he was going to his friends place to play in the afternoon. It nearly did him in. When I went to pick him up he could no longer speak and was only just able to drag himself up the hill home. He still sounds pretty croaky.

Charlie has a cough and sounds very chesty, but has so far stubbornly refused to become croupy. Of course. Now I am prepared, he starts getting different illnesses.

Crash has a stomach bug that had laid him out all day.

Thank the gods Elissa has so far stayed well. UPDATE: Not so much, she's got a cold now...

I have been feeling nauseous, which I am denying by eating as much as is humanly possible. I feel like I've lived everyone else's illnesses, I don't need one of my own.

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  1. That last line has been my mantra since January. It has been a ridiculous year for illness at our home!