Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tallying up time

I hate an indecisive result. 9:10pm she was in bed tonight, but I started a little early, so no progress. So my original theory was I would try for a week and change tack if I saw no progress. I can't say I have seen no progress, but really it's only a half hour average improvement. I am still looking at 45 minutes to an hour of settling. Not great. So now what?

I'm prepared to say it hasn't been a great success, but I'm not sure what to try. Backtrack to settling in my arms (not completely ridiculous, she is still not quite 3 months), attempt the next level and let her cry for 10 minutes or so, or carry on as I am for a little longer? Why don't babies come with a manual? I suppose if they did it would be written in Chinglish... Or they would come with a help desk manned by Bigpond staff...

This is where I should get some advice. Whichever I get least annoyed by is clearly what I want to try. :) That's how child raising advice works isn't it?

Oh, and the kid wrangling in the rain was made just that much more enjoyable by finding a flood in the garage and cellar on the way to the car....

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  1. I'm pleased to say I have no clear memory of what did or didn't work when the kids were 3 months old. I think Dave was still falling asleep at the breast, Caitlin was probably being settled by being wrapped, the dummy wedged in and her bum firmly patted till she slept but I can't remember whether that was in my arms or in her bed and Tom was always pretty easy to settle so I don't remember what I was doing with him at all. All different anyway.

    Not much help am I?

    As for the garage flood, been there had that happen, it sucks. Did anything get ruined?