Thursday, April 17, 2008

Official pregnancy ailment log

This post is merely self indulgence combined with a desire to be able to accurately torture my children with the hardships I endured to bring them into the world. Feel free to move on.
  • morning sickness from 5 weeks til 16-18 weeks
  • heartburn from 16-18 weeks til delivery
  • complete revulsion for seafood (normally high on my fav food list)
  • wine tastes like vinegar - all of it for the first trimester (granted this is probably a good thing) and then just most of it (definitely all white wine) for the second half. The worst bit is that my palate is still useless. Talking to other mothers at the dinner recently, apparently it is common for your palate not to go back to normal until after you stop breastfeeding. I notice this is not something the Breastfeeding Association mentions.
  • my left wrist manages to click into an injury state via some indeterminate process at least once a week.
  • corns on my feet, like 20 of them, that disappear within 2 weeks of the birth.
  • symphysitis. Towards the end of pregnancy, utterly crippling.
  • 15 toilet trips a night. Well, ok, maybe only 3 or 4, but it still makes for chronic sleep deprivation.
  • haemorrhoids - say no more
  • gingivitis
  • at least 5kg that weren't baby
  • rosacea - this one I get to keep
  • a weird pain in my rib cage that I think may be referred from somewhere else
There were a couple of positives:
  • my hair was much thicker - of course it all fell out again once the baby was delivered
  • my fingernails were strong enough to look like real nails - they also disintegrated post partum
If I think of anything else I'll add it later

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