Saturday, April 19, 2008

Twooo Wuvvvvv

I was at a kid's birthday party this afternoon (yeah, ha ha, give the two boys musical instruments in their party bags for the trip home, thanks Toni :) ) and we were discussing our next girl's night out. Toni mentioned that I traded in one husband whose musical taste matched mine very well for one that... well... he listens to MIX FM (pop easy listening for non-Sydneysiders). Her hubby has a penchant for ummm... bland soundtracks? Would that be unfair? Anyway, not so similar to her. :)

It makes me wonder how one goes about choosing a mate. My dearest has (mostly) crap taste in music and he hates crowds, but he is way better suited as a husband than my first one (who was a lovely guy, even lovelier now that he is shot of me). All the things that people talk about in terms of compatibility seem irrelevant.

How do you decide who can cover for your weaknesses and not be intimidated by your strengths other than random trial and error? I guess the fact that arranged marriages have about the same success rate as the other kind suggests some answer to that question.

I just continually count my blessings than me and mine managed our trial and error without adding kids to the mix (assuming this one continues not to be an error!). I know it's far more about good luck than good management.


  1. not unfair, don't forget his affection for Enya and all new age (he calls it contemporary)
    Sorry about the music toys, I did think about that when you left and had pictures of children being left on the side of the road happily tooting on their flutes.

  2. I've never put much thought into the loot bags, but now that they are getting old enough to know what they are, I am thinking all of them should have lollipops - relatively long lasting and minimally messy - for the car trip home.

    Also, they are still playing with the flutes, so they were a winner in that respect. And it's ok, Mummy can imply indefinable gruesome consequences while merely saying "they are not toys for in the car". :)

  3. Schopenhauer believed we subconsciously sort out mates whose attribute strengths compensated for our own weakness so that the resulting offspring where more balanced and therefore had a higher chance of being successful individuals. This from a man that never married and had a thing for young girls...