Monday, September 15, 2008

Can we have this dinner every night?

It was a triumph! It was healthy, it contained many vegies, Crash and I loved it and all THREE children ate it! All of it. And they were still talking about it this morning.

This amazingly wondrous meal? Stuffed pumpkin. Stuffed with mince and bacon and onion, thickened with some egg. Served with peas and corn. I've never made it before, so we took the usual step of finding a recipe and ignoring it completely. I think the recipe did involve pumpkin, meat and onion. It also had about another 8 ingredients and wanted you to cook the meat for two hours before putting it in the pumpkin. We opted for making it brown. It took about 2 and a half hours to cook. It was really seriously good and I am looking forward to trying variations on the theme. Chicken, lamb, other flavourings...

And a whole pumpkin on the table looks very cool.


  1. Do you have any vege punpkin recipes? My pumkins are nearly ready for picking, but always need to know what to do. End up giving them all away usually, other than the occasional mashed thing..... Congrats on the school volunteering thing. I´m impressed. The extent of my volunteering is giving the kids the birds nest we found for show and tell.

  2. Don't have an actual recipe, but ummm... I imagine it would be good with nuts - slivered almonds, walnuts, pecans or pine nuts. The pine nuts would probably be good toasted first, but not essential. Mix that with rice, onion cooked in garlic and butter or a really good olive oil, a salty cheese and some herbs of the marjoram ilk. Some nutmeg and cinnamon would probably not go astray. It might need egg to make it stick together, or it might not. You'd need to look at it when it is made. For some extra flavour, or if the cheese is not so salty, cook the rice in vegetable stock. Cook once and then work out what it needs to make it better!

    I am just making the most of the fact that I have the time at the moment to volunteer. It may not last!