Monday, September 08, 2008


On Saturday we had about 475 people at our house for a pot luck dinner as a surprise 50th for a friend. Those in Sydney will be well aware that it was persisting down on Saturday, all day. Those who know me, also know that it rains in my dining room whenever it rains outside.

Plan A was to have a BBQ, but the weather scuttled that plan. The only possible option was Plan B - party inside. But the waterfall in the dining room was making that look unattractive. So three of us (Crash, Ed and myself) put our heads together and came up with this:

It is our own personal art installation, we call it "Flood".

This is the business end, and the new pool for our waterfall.

It made a good talking point for the 475 people, who still didn't fit in our house, and at least they could make witty remarks in the warm and dry.

The party went off pretty well, I found my bed at about 2:30am.


  1. Brilliant! You going to leave it up?

  2. Yeah, there was a lot of "Why didn't we do this years ago?" going on.

    We have another punter who has looked at the job and has actually called back once. Who knows, he might come back, and one day, he might do the job!