Friday, September 19, 2008

Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out

Apparently the greenies of the world have a new strategy to save the planet - kill all the people.

This week Sen. Bob Brown introduced a private member's bill into Parliament which would allow for NT and ACT to legalise euthanasia.

In Canada, the leader of the Greens apologised for not smoking dope, and wants to sell it through government agencies.

Greenies will let you kill yourself in your choice of ways. Definitely a great way to minimise human impact on the environment.

Well, ok, maybe not. Yay! for common sense. It's great to see some filtering into government. I sincerely hope Bob Brown's legislation gets up, there is no excuse for allowing people to die hideous, painful deaths. And if you've ever wondered under what circumstances you might be able to find the line in the sand for yourself, that point at which you would choose to take the ultimate sleeping pill, just have a look at this story about one of the worst ways to go I know of. Be warned though, it made me cry.

And although I hold out little hope for it, I'd love to see marijuana legalised and sold in a regulated way, along with ecstasy while we're at it. Imagine a world filled with chilled out, blissed out people instead of liquored up, belligerent ones. I figure people will find a drug regardless, let's at least offer a range of less harmful ones and let them choose the one that works best for them. (And for me, I am not pretending I am too good to self medicate.)

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  1. That article is so sad.

    I really have a hard time understanding the argument against Euthanasia. Well, from reading Peter Singer it's a fear we'll all be the Nazis and kill people who we fear are a drain on society.

    Is it really that though or does it go more along the lines of it being noble to suffer? Maybe it comes from Christianity's hold on society--we want people to suffer like Jesus.

    To commit suicide is cowardly. Shameful. To die a horrific and painful death is beautiful and something to be proud of.

    I agree about the drug stuff too. I personally don't do anything more advanced than caffeine and over the counter medicine. But I respect other people making different choices. I think it's insane that it's legal for people to take alcohol which can be very damaging, but less dangerous drugs are illegal. What's that all about??????