Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I am currently en-route to Hong Kong (ok, so I won't be by the time this is published, sadly there is no in-flight Internet), on a Qantas A-330. Yeah, the same as the one that tried to fly directly into the ground because the computer system rebooted. Excellent, I am flying on a plane known to suffer blue screen of death.

One thing comes to mind, if you have redundant computer systems, as is my understanding, wouldn't you expect them both to be on the same page? Specifically, wouldn't you want them to both believe the plane should be at the same altitude? Just askin'.

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  1. My old school friend who is a Qantas mechanic assurs me that there is nothing wrong with Qantas planes and they are VERY safe (as I will be on one in 2 months coming back to the land of sun). Enjoy Hong Kong. One of my favorite cities. I am so jealous!!!!!!!!