Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brain dump

I had this desire to sign up for NaBloMoPo this year. It could be a bit of an up hill battle, given that I can barely manage one a week at the moment.

Nothing particularly exciting has been happening, it has just been impossibly busy. That job I was panicking about seems to be going ok, but we still haven't done a real world run. I have leaned heavily on friends and colleagues to make it go, I definitely won't deserve the credit should it actually be successful in the end.

Elissa's got some more teeth, but these ones have only caused a couple of days of whinging. Today we had our carer call in sick, so the little ones were at home. Charlie then got non-descriptly sick - mild fever, sleepy, refusing to speak and slightly laboured breathing, which had me almost taking him to the doctor until he suddenly perked right up. And then spent the rest of the day loudly shouting "I'm sick, I want to go to the doctor!".

Since we have officially entered chaos season, I am also starting to panic about that. Three birthdays in the immediate family before Christmas, starting this weekend.

The good news is we finally have someone fixing our leaking deck, who started today. By Christmas, we should actually be able to sit in the dining room without fear of the weather.

That was an incoherent mess of a post. I will try to get myself back into the blogging groove...


  1. Your deck is being fixed?! Hallelujah!

  2. Yes, you will note that as soon as I said it out loud, it proceeded to rain all day, despite the Bureau forecasting fine weather...

  3. Yeah, I was thinking of you as the wet stuff fell from the sky.

  4. Every year I contemplate NaBloPoMo but I just can't do it. The very thought is torture. I often spend several days stewing up a good post. I just can't do it every day and still love it.