Friday, March 20, 2009

My evening

Just to balance out the excessive whinging and complaining that has been going on here lately, my afternoon and evening went like this:

I looked for a replacement for my broken toast tongs (Charlie snapped them yesterday inducing irrational rage - they are an addictive little device). I found a supplier in Australia and am now just looking for a few people to join me in my purchase to make the shipping more plausible ($5 for tongs, $5 shipping for one set, $10 shipping for 2 or more - I'd like to be able to buy at least 10 of the buggers to make it sensible). This made me inordinately happy.

I bought myself a packet of frozen Tasty Terribles to eat after the kids went to bed, and some fresh pasta to speed up the spag bol preparation for the kids' dinner.

I picked up Charlie and Elissa, and both were in good moods.

I picked up Ben, and Charlie told me he was happy to go home and have dinner (this may be a first in history) and Ben was also chirpy.

Dinner was eaten cheerfully and without conflict. Chocolate straws and brownies were distributed in a fit of absolute gratitude.

5 minute clean up happened voluntarily and without incident.

Baths happened without a single child screaming. Also a possible first (at least since Elissa was born).

Children all went to bed with only minor "I can't sleep" protests, and one request from Ben to turn on the air conditioner, which was met by a suggestion to put on summer, rather than winter pyjamas.

I ate my Tasty Terribles and watched TV and drank a bottle of cheap bubbly and blogged.

Of course, now it's midnight and I need to get up early and take them all swimming, but that is my fault. I have chosen to revel in my pleasant evening rather than be sensible. Perhaps you should brace yourself for more whinging tomorrow. :)


  1. I always think its a miracle when single parent evenings go that smoothly....didn't have one this week though!
    I will take a pair of toast tongs.

  2. Cool, I'll put you down for one.

    Yeah, I've only managed one from nine so far. :)

    Apologies for inviting myself over, by the way. For some reason I thought Andrew was away this weekend too.