Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Today I needed to ring the bank. Two weeks ago, we applied for a new business credit card for Crash. I realised today I have heard nothing more. So I tried to find a phone number for the person who I sent the application to. Ha!

So I surrendered and rang the business line. The women who answered told me she had no record of my application (and there is no reason why she would) and would need to ring the branch. I mentioned that I had attempted to find a number for the branch, and she told me that this is deliberate. To her credit, she was incredibly pleasant and understanding.

She rang my branch, and had to come back to me to confirm who I had spoken to. She then had to come back to me ask more details. In the end she asked me to resend the application to her. I have no idea how long it might take to sort this out.

Only a bank could decide that you can't speak to the person who receives your application, and that the people you can speak to can't see your application.

But I can't complain, if it was Telstra, the person who I could speak to would also not be permitted to speak to the person who I submitted the application to.

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