Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Over and over....

I was going to blog about that ridiculous article berating women for daring to take a sip of alcohol while pregnant and/or breastfeeding, but why? I did it already - 2 years ago, and the refrain from the mummy-blamers hasn't changed.

From this recent one:
...a third of all women surveyed admitted to consuming at least one drink while pregnant or breastfeeding.
And from the one two years ago:
A study has found one third of Australian women have admitted to drinking alcohol when pregnant - and most would do it again.
So nothing much has changed, I notice the world hasn't come to an end, nor do we have a sudden rash of children with... well no-one has proposed any actual outcomes for low level drinking, so I'm not sure what we're looking for here. Certainly there hasn't even been a suggestion of a rise in the rate of foetal alcohol syndrome (which is no surprise, because it requires a significant level of alcohol consumption - a lot more than the one or two drinks 1-3 times a week most women seem to be talking about). So we should all start listening to the "rules" because......?

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