Monday, October 15, 2007

Armed and dangerous

Warning: Blood and gore content!
On Saturday night I tried very hard to remove a chunk of my finger. I was cutting lamb into cubes, and I think the knife followed a sinew line, rather than where I was intending it to go, and went right into my left index finger. It didn't seem deep, but it was at quite an angle. I stuck a bandaid on it, wrapped it in a bandage since it was still bleeding and ignored it.

Next morning I attempted to change the bandaid and discovered it had welded itself to the finger. So I put another bandaid around it and ignored it until last night. Then I soaked it in some normal saline to get both bandaids off. After 20 minutes or so, all but the very last bit had been removed. When I finally got the last bit off, a reasonable chunk of skin went with it. It hurt. A lot. Nausea inducing stuff.

So now I have a non-stick wound pad taped around the hole and I guess I wait for the skin to grow back. It's not hurting much today, although I needed paracetamol to get me through the night. Mostly I like sharp knives...