Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life's little milestones

This morning Ben (4 and 3/4 yrs) got himself up at some ungodly hour (why oh why didn't we go to daylight savings two weeks ago?) and since I told him to go back to bed, he snuck away, bothered his father for a bit (who had decamped to the upstairs bed to get away from pregnant tossing and turning) and then slunk downstairs very quietly.

Charlie woke at 6ish and I put him back to bed. When I woke up at 7:20am, I thought they must all still be asleep. Then I went out on to the landing and could smell toast. Charlie was indeed still asleep, but Ben had been up for about 2 hours and had made himself cereal (Weetbix and Allbran) and toast for breakfast. Not bad for a kid consistently behind in his self-help skills earlier on in his development. Very chuffed really.

Oh yeah, and that non-stick dressing was not so non-stick...


  1. Cool! Now you just need to train him to feed Charlie as well and sleeping in undisturbed becomes possible...for a little while ;-)

    Also, bring on daylight savings! Dave has been waking up sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 (in winter I drag him out of bed at 7:30) and because he's not allowed to play on the computer on school mornings he's taken to coming downstairs and discussing the discrepancy in the times showing on his, my and Adam's clock radios. At 6:30/6:29/6:31....

  2. I'm ready for a little daylight in our mornings too.
    Maybe you can put in your breakfast order and he will serve you in bed. Sounds like he a good cook.