Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to waste time and money

I got a cancellation appointment at the ophthalmologist today in order to diagnose the problem with my left eye. So Crash had to come with me, since driving after drops is a Bad Plan. It was in Wentworthville at 10am.

2 hours, $200, 2 sets of drops and a stern lecture later, I still have no idea what the diagnosis is. I could have an MRI to look at the optic nerve all the way along, but we both agreed that might be regarded as overkill. It is probably optic nerve hyperplasia, but she's not sure and it isn't normally genetic.

I could also be lying about the treatment I had as a child and it was the turn in my eye that caused it all. Since there is no-one left alive with the same problem, it is very hard to do anything about it.

So we just carry on with super vigilance with the kids.

1 comment:

  1. Eh? Lying...yeah, 'cause you'd want to do that...

    Damn, expensive, futile and insulting! That sucks.