Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween and impatience

We went off to a Halloween party on Saturday night at the Sporters bar. Entertainment was of the karaoke variety. Watching the devil sing "Closer" is a very poignant experience. I managed to find a black Tree of Life, Morticia type dress that actually stretched over the enormous hippo attached to my front half. Crash did his death costume again, and succeeded in genuinely disturbing a few people.

The DJ was flabbergasted by a crowd who had, in general, made an impressive dress up effort and were singing rock through to serious heavy metal karaoke. I think other than the odd joke song, the closest thing to the standard karaoke fair of Robbie Williams and his ilk was Space Oddity (in the style of David Bowie of course).

It was a good night, but for an abundance of cigarette smoke whose origin I could not identify. I ended up having to leave as a result. Also, sadly, the symphisitis made dancing a complete impossibility. Particularly frustrating during such classics as Sweet Transvestite and Paradise by the Dashboard light. I was up there singing and dancing in spirit.

And the pregnancy countdown is reaching critical. I can no longer sleep in any normal way, or for more than a few hours (after about 3am). Contractions and heartburn are completely overwhelming for most of the night. Arrgggg!!! GET IT OUT!!!!!!

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  1. Party gooood! Hippo front and no dancing baaaad :( Well, not really bad, but oh so very tiring and "I've had enough!" inducing in those last few weeks. Hope you can get a bit more of that precious sleep!