Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Newest addition

By throwing the old wives tales book at my pregnancy, I went into labour about 1:20am on 5th November, and our baby girl was born at 6:08am. Thankfully uneventful, in the birth centre, and the obs even made it with plenty of time to spare.

Birth centre midwives were wonderful as always, and even allowed us to stay down in their blissfully quiet confines until 2pm, giving us both some much needed sleep.

Ben was terribly excited and Charlie was in complete denial. When asked whether he had a baby sister, Charlie answered with an emphatic "NO."

Ben is still terribly excited, compounded by his first trip to big school today, and Charlie is slowly coming round. He actually came and touched her while she was feeding today and was prepared to have a go at saying "Elissa" as opposed to "baby sister". Maybe it was the pink "jamas" she was wearing.

Elissa is sleeping lots (too much according to the midwife) and when she can be bothered, she feeds pretty well.

If I can get Crash to do something other than work for 10 minutes, I'll try to get some photos...

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