Thursday, March 20, 2008

Defining moments

I was cleaning my teeth tonight, wandering around my bedroom looking at the lights in the valley and I remembered the moment that made this moment possible.

When I was at uni, one of the guys in my year (who I still know) was telling a story whose details are lost in the mist of time. An apparently crucial element of said story was that he was wandering around the house while cleaning his teeth - "as you do". "A you do"???? My god, people leave the bathroom sink when they clean their teeth!!! I was flabbergasted.

Strange how I have no trouble accepting differing sexuality, maybe even voting conservative, but leaving the bathrooom while cleaning your teeth? It took me ten years to come to terms with this element of diversity.

So it seemed fitting that on this "Harmony Day"* I realised I had fully embraced this subculture and made my peace with it.

Oh, and Ben got "Student of the Week" today, and for some reason I chose today to turn up to the assembly at which it was awarded for only the second time this year, so that was cool. I'd be proud if I had any idea what it was awarded for. I guess it must be good stuff. :)

And yes, the Dummy Fairy visited, the dummy is gone, only to be replaced by a bouncy bouncy ball. For some reason I consider this a victory.

*Harmony Day was celebrated by state schools today by wearing orange. I have no idea whether this extends beyonds NSW public schools, but since I coincidentally wore an orange skirt today, I was totally down with it.

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