Tuesday, March 11, 2008

That silly book

I am constantly astounded at the magic of this cheap little book my mother bought my kids. Whizz! has the most amazing ability to captivate very young babies. I can put Elissa in bed to screaming of the "Help! Help! She's cutting my throat!" variety, and within five words (Benny Bee and Lucy Ladybug to be precise) she is quiet and by the time I'm finished "were playing in the vegetable patch" she is giggling. (Of course, by kid #3 I am reciting rather than reading.)

This week she is even looking at the pictures. The boys were the same. If you know someone who is having a baby, buy them this book. It is a blessing to anyone's bedtime routine. I don't really know why. Sound effects have something to do with it, but other sound effect books don't seem to do so well.

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