Sunday, March 09, 2008


Yesterday evening we had Ben's friend from school over along with his mum and her husband. It was a very pleasant evening, but it required one of those top to bottom, inside and out cleans that you have to do when you haven't been doing nearly enough of that Flylady stuff.

While removing all the grass from the front raised garden bed, we found this little critter in the lawn. Both boys were completely fascinated, it was quite gratifying.

I tried to move him to protect him from stomping kids, but he disappeared. A little later, after the grass had been removed, I found him on a leaf in the path. Since the day was going to involve mowing and sweeping and other stuff, I thought it best to move him into a garden until it got warm enough for him to be able to move around himself longer than a short dash. I hope he makes it to adulthood. At least Bailey (the beagle) showed no interest whatsoever.

And this was my own little critter today, in her device. No reason for this photo except that it is one of the first with her upright and looking a little more like a human. (Go look at the big version, for some reason the little one looks fuzzy.)


  1. Squeee! Reptilian cuteness!

    Infant mammalian cuteness too :) It's amazing how sitting up suddenly turns them into people. The first time David hit Caitlin was just after she'd started sitting up by herself, I'm sure it was because he'd begun to perceive her as a rival.

  2. I love finding little critters in the garden! We don't have much in the way of reptiles, though, unfortunately.

    -radical mama