Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's all about the teeth

Ben lost his first tooth on Friday. He was so excited he took it to school (without my knowledge). The teachers spotted the tooth, and it came home sticky taped to this card.

He wasn't ready to relinquish it to the tooth fairy on Friday night, but last night he decided the lure of the coin was greater than his obsession with the tooth itself. So the tooth fairy left him a dollar coin taped where the tooth had been.

Elissa, on the other hand, has cut a second tooth, and seems to have a bit of a bulge on the top gum too.

I thoroughly enjoyed our fire last night. We drank a very nice sparkling merlot, toasted marshmallows and threw some bad habits into the fire. Note that we didn't throw wine drinking into the fire. That isn't a bad habit, it's an indulgence. Quite different you understand.

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