Saturday, June 14, 2008

We have a tooth!

I have been just a tad busy, so I never got around to writing the "Thank God for Bonjela" post I kept composing over and over. But as of yesterday it is no longer necessary, as the the little biter made its appearance. So we have a brief interval with a happy baby once again.

I keep forgetting what a lovely baby she is when is not in any pain or discomfort. She plays on the floor for an hour or more. She smiles and laughs and eats and eats and eats. Unfortunately any discomfort at all tips her into unput-downable, whingy, difficult baby.

Also this week:

We started day care since my sister moved on to greener pastures (by means of going back to the same company she left to work for us in the first place). The first day was Tuesday, when I had a 3500 word philosophy essay due in. I dropped them off at 8:30am, and at 10:30am the carer rang me and told me she was too sick to continue the day. *sigh* So I went back to pick them up (another near tantrum, because we need to have a tantrum when being dropped off and picked up). Thursday and Friday went better, whole days, semi-reasonable amounts of sleep. Pretty happy kids. The carer is lovely and Charlie likes her.

The essay did get completed, and I can kiss philosophy goodbye. It's not that I stopped enjoying it, it's mostly that I stopped being convinced by it. The essay I wrote was on the question "Are there really selves?". My answer was "Yes, for appropriate values of really and selves." And then about 3500 words supporting that statement. I just can't help feeling that while it makes interesting pub conversation, it really is just people contemplating their navels waiting for science to answer their questions. And they take it all so seriously, and expect me to believe what they tell me. So I start psychology next semester.

And finally, perhaps the most exciting news, I am no longer a cow! Elissa took a whole bottle Wednesday evening, and so I gave her one Thursday morning and there hasn't been a breastfeed since. Oh joy. Oh bliss. The boobs have not yet returned to normal. They are still sore, but at least the end is in sight. I get my body back for good! Thursday night I celebrated by working until 8pm and then going to a Tupperware party. Sounds riveting, but was actually liberating and the party was fun and wine-filled. I managed to escape having only spent about $100. I fell into bed at 1am.


  1. Good luck with psychology. Unfortunately I also felt the same about some psychological theories (wait until you get philosophical discussions about Freud and some of the interesting persepctives some people will come out with. They are definitely pub discussions with the ones rolling on the floor). What are you studying? I have just finished my first semester. I must say, it is admirable that you can study and breastfeed and look after a 7 month old baby. I think I was a blubbering wreck for the first 2 years with each child, barely able to manage cleaning the house. Much Kudos!!!!!!!!

  2. I am doing a BA Psych, with a minor in philosophy (the minor now complete). I am doing it incredibly slowly - one course per semester, with a semester skipped when the last baby was due.

    It isn't nearly so stressful when you are doing it for your own amusement. I think I'll tack on a Dip Ed when I'm done, because teaching would be a good fallback if our business amounts to nought.

    And I don't believe I ever claimed to keeping the house clean! :)

  3. Ha! Your place is cleaner than mine and I don't have ANY excuse :P

    Yay! for one tooth through and may the interval in question be not so brief and your Bonjela supply kept well-stocked for the next round. I'm glad the day care seems to be working out, hope it continues in the same vein.

    I'm feeling quite a surprising amount of vicarious relief for you over the end of breastfeeding, hats off to you for another good innings. Does this mean we can get back to our semi-regular restauranting?

  4. Oh yes indeed. We must organise that. I'll send emails...