Saturday, June 14, 2008

Surprising wine of the week

Some time around 1995-ish, I succumbed to one of those blatant marketing schemes that does wine tastings in your home. Tupperware for drunks. And I bought a 1992 German Riesling. No doubt among other terrible things. The thing is, though, I never drank it. This evening, Crash went looking for wine what needs drinking and found it among the flotsam and jetsam. We chilled it without much hope. Opened it with even less - the cork looked seriously dodgy. And we poured out glasses that looked disturbingly similar to the blood being plastered all over the screen while we watched a dubious vampire movie*.

Can I tell you this was the best dessert wine I have ever had. Toasty, rich, honey, melon - frankly as many wanky terms as you like, but seriously bloody good. It is a Dr Zenzen (sounds like a great pedigree huh?) 1992 Alzeyer Pfaffenhalde Liegerrebe. Someone may be able to tell me something about this (Ingrid perhaps?). It might be crap when bottled, or I may have jagged a good thing. But wow did it age well. So if you see a bottle of it hanging around a bottle shop, grab it, really. Seriously good.

* Why does blogspot not know the word movie? It keeps giving me a spelling error


  1. Sounds yum. Our adventures in dubious bottle testing have always ended up with the unceremonious pouring down the sink.

  2. That's the standard course here too. Thursday week ago we had a few people over and opened 9 bottles of wine. Tipped 5 of them down the sink.

  3. I only know 2 things about wine - red or white....... Red wine is my saviour. We buy the casefull when it comes on sale. Quite partial to Australian. At the moment we are drinking Hardy´s Crest. Only 20 more cases to go. Liegerebe means something like lying rubbed (grated) which I have no idea what that could mean (unless you are meant to drink it lying down while grating cheese).

  4. Hmmmm, lying grated.... Something about being left on the lees? I'm reaching here. Maybe it is a winery on the site of an old cheese factory? :)