Friday, November 28, 2008

Closer and closer

Elissa has taken her first very, very wobbly steps and is actively trying to stand. The record is about 5 seconds so far.

I have been hanging out for this for two reasons:

First, babies are so much happier when they walk. Well, at least mine have been. The new found independence is wonderful for everyone involved.

Second, she will be able to wear all those beautiful dresses hanging in her cupboard, just in time for summer, when dresses are at their most useful. She will also once again be able to wear things that cover her knees without destroying them in a single day.

Whatever the consequences, the process itself is absolutely delightful. Every attempt at steps or standing is accompanied by hysterical giggling and hand clapping. Nobody can resist a 12 month old in full giggle - there may be nothing cuter in existence.

Looks like we'll be having an upright Christmas.


  1. Yeah, Elissa! It could be a very toddly xmas.

  2. :D I have silly grin face. Go Elissa!

  3. YAY for Elissa!!!! What a clever little niece I have!

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome!