Sunday, November 16, 2008

I know how they all went extinct

There was no meteorite half the size of a continent, there was no ice age, it wasn't even smoking. The dinosaurs simply disappeared into thin air. This is clearly imprinted on their very image. Bobgreen is nowhere. I have hunted, on and off, for three days. I have looked through all the toy boxes, I have found two odd socks, a multitude of cars, a petrified apple core and several species of dust bunny, but no Bobgreen. It is sending me quite strange - when I found a toy car ditched off the edge of the rug under the entertainment unit, I actually thought "I don't suppose Bobgreen could be in there" before I regained some control of myself. I even looked in the toilet brush holder.

I have had Ben looking too - he sorted through a toy box, with instructions to put all the toys back into the places where they belonged. I have quizzed him repeatedly on Bobgreen's last movements, but I have to admit, my suspicions lie with Charlie. Or perhaps Crash.

And of course, K Mart sell the bleedin' things, but in a different colour. How many more years of school do we have?


  1. I'm sorry, I have to laugh. These things are sent to try us, there's no doubt about that.

    I'm currently fuming over a requirement from Tom's teacher for 2 meters of Christmas fabric cut into strips of 16cm x 5cm.

  2. You are suspicious that Charlie or Crash are playing with bobgreen, or they knocked him off to get more red frogs?

    Perhaps you cleaned up, was it habitat destruction?

    Maybe you could explain to Ben that bobgreen is now slowly turning into oil...

  3. Maybe there's some kind of toy wormhole around. If I find Bobgreen, I will trade him for the missing piece from Perfection (that is not under the couch or the other furniture or in any of the toy bins or on any of the shelves), which has rendered that game useless around here. Sigh.

  4. Sorry, I have to laugh too...Bob green may have been sucked into that black hole where odd socks, lost lego, hair clips and pens go.

    Have you checked in the car? I have found a multitude of lost bits in mine.

  5. Mim - that is ... mind boggling. 16x5? Did she/he specify exactly how many millimetres error would be tolerated? How many is that? 288?

    Adam - yep, plastic dinosaur, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, oil to oil.

    MPJ - I'll send it on over as soon as it appears behind the bookshelf.

    Aztec-rose - The car has its own black hole issues - it doesn't seem to be an outflow in my house. :)