Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Now, I know that other people's dreams are just too boring for words, so I'm just going to have to bore you. These two dreams seemed to need recording.

The first involved a reciprocal profession of love between myself and someone I haven't seen for years (and don't harbour a heartfelt love for), promptly followed by him disappearing from my life forever. This is not amazing. What was strange is that this emotional drama played out over the backdrop of getting ready for a pole dancing party organised by Mim. A very sophisticated pole dancing party I might add - even with red feather boas. Don't ask me how forever fits into getting ready for a party, but there you go. It was a very fine party as well.

The second one involved me being invited to one of my clients' corporate functions. When Crash found out about it, he gatecrashed it as well. It was worth gatecrashing - it was in a bar which was a floating vortex. You floated in the outer parts of the vortex, and tipped your drink into the air and drank it as it floated past in tasty, wobbly, globules. Once you got sucked to the middle, there was a funky escalator to take you back to the top of the vortex. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long because I had to get home before the kids woke up (since Crash was there too).

So Mim, a theme for next year's Christmas party? :)

And I want to go to that bar.

But really, what's with still having to go home and look after the kids in a dream???? Good thing DOCS don't monitor your dreams, since I had left them at home all night alone...


  1. Bugger waiting till next year! *adds red feather boas to party shopping list*

    I totally burst out laughing and then had to read this post out to my DAD to explain what was so funny. :D

  2. I have a pink one, I'll bring it along. No kids this year either. Ben decided (with only minimal instruction) that the two birthday parties were a better option for him than the rather adult party at your house...

    I am still hypothesising what your Dad made of my strange dreams...

  3. Hmm, Ill see if i can arrange a pole...

    I think that is an inspired idea for a christmas party, nothing says christmas cheer like pole dancing with a traditional yultide red boa.

    I guess delivering presents to 700m kids in one night is pretty stressful, hence sleezy the pole dancing reindeer.

    Sleezy the pole dancing reindeer
    had a very red feather boa
    and if you ever saw him
    you would even say it glows


    After Mim's explaination, I did think about handing out feather boas for people when they arrive, just to see the look on their faces, but Mim gave me THAT look.